Accused murderer Johnston claims wrongful imprisonment, fires lawyer, accuses victim

The Macdonald-Cartier Building on Wellington Street in downtown Kingston is home to the Ontario Court of Justice. Photo via Google.

Accused murderer Sebastian Johnston fired his lawyer during a court appearance today and claimed that he was wrongly imprisoned, among other bizarre statements.

Justice of the Peace Jack Chiang’s bail court was functioning in its usual orderly-but-busy manner on Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2024, but there was a marked change when Sebastian Johnston, charged with first-degree murder in the death of Kevin Camilleri, was brought before Chiang for a virtual appearance.

The usually uncommunicative, scruffily groomed Johnston entered the communication room at Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay, where he is incarcerated, looking more energetic, making eye contact with the camera, and sporting a new look. His moustache was shaved, and his newly trimmed dark beard was now only about two inches long, making his facial tattoos more apparent. He appeared more agitated than he had on previous occasions.

Jeffrey Langevin, who was serving as Johnston’s lawyer until today, had been anticipating a disclosure package (a set of documents related to the case) from the Crown since Johnston’s last court appearance; however, the Crown still had not yet received disclosure from the Ontario Provincial Police.

Chiang asked why and what kind of disclosure.

The Crown attorney explained that it was “the first round of disclosure,” saying, “the charge is first-degree murder. So it’s a substantial amount of disclosure,” and explaining that police had now said they would make it available in February.

Johnston suddenly interrupted the hearing — which was bizarre in itself, as he had barely spoken in previous appearances — and said, “I’m wondering what’s going on… I am one of the top-paid (inaudible) workers. My grandmother [name withheld] paid for—”

Chiang cut him off and said he would arrange for a breakout room where Johnston could speak privately with Langevin.

After a few minutes, Johnston reappeared on screen, saying, “I am a [inaudible] worker. Jeff Langevin, he’s fired right now… I’m incarcerated for no reason,” before making accusations about Camilleri, the man whose murder Johnston is charged with (Kingstonist is not publishing those accusations unless/until they are verified).

Chiang again interrupted Johnston’s speech and clarified, “So you don’t want Mr. Langevin to represent you?”

Johnston replied, “No, he is fired on the spot.”

Langevin agreed and asked to be taken off the record. 

Chaing observed that it “must not have been a fruitful conversation” between the two, then asked, “what’s the next step for you, Sebastian?” 

Johnston said he would be contacting Francis Dubois, “one of the top lawyers in the world.”

Chaing asked where Dubois was from; Johnston replied that he didn’t know, but that “my grandma [name witheld]… paid him cash” and had been talking to him.

Johnston then repeated the accusation about Camilleri and stated he is “a [unclear word(s)] worker.” He told the judge he could check in with [same unclear word(s)] in the United States and find out more.

Chiang again cut off Johnston’s line of conversation and took care in his scheduling to give Johnston time to get himself organized with a new lawyer; then he ordered a return in March 2024.

Johnston is accused of the first-degree murder of 59-year-old Kevin Saviour Camilleri.

Camilleri had last been seen on November 9, 2023, in the Sharbot Lake area, and was reported missing on November 16. Members of the Frontenac Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Detachment arrested and charged Johnston with the murder on Friday, Dec.1, 2023. At that time Camilleri’s body had not been found. 

On the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2023, the OPP released a statement confirming that members of the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Frontenac County Detachment Crime Unit, with the assistance of the OPP Emergency Response Team (ERT), had located Camilleri’s body. Johnston’s charges in connection with Camilleri’s death were announced at the same time.

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