Kingston to build nearly 900 houses in 3 years with federal funding

MP Mark Gerretsen (fourth from left) and Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson (third from left) announce a partnership between the federal and municipal governments aiming to see nearly 900 homes built within three years. The announcement took place on Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024, and was attended by Councillors (L to R) Don Amos, Wendy Stephen, Greg Ridge, and Conny Glenn. Photo via MP Gerretsen on Facebook.

On Thursday, Jan. 18, 2024, the City of Kingston and the Government of Canada announced an agreement to fast-track the building of close to 900 homes.

Kingston will receive $27.6 million from the federal government’s Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF) over the span of three years, and will aim to build the homes within that time frame. 

Sean Fraser, Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities, said the HAF will help tackle the housing affordability crisis. 

“Today’s announcement will help fast-track nearly 900 homes in the next three years and more than 4,800 over the next decade,” Fraser said.  

“By working with cities, mayors, and all levels of government, we are helping to get more homes built for Canadians at prices they can afford.”

At the announcement, Mayor Bryan Paterson said the funding will allow the City to expand the initiatives it already has underway to rapidly build homes in Kingston.

“This funding will allow the City to scale up many of our housing initiatives, helping to meet the critical need for more housing in our community,” he said.

“I’m grateful for this partnership with the federal government that will enable more affordable housing and infrastructure investments that will help get new housing built faster here in Kingston.”

The funding will help accelerate builds under Kingston’s Action Plan, according to Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), allowing for a more diverse range of housing to be built in the city and encourage initiatives like tiny homes. 

The federal government’s HAF was launched in March 2023 and will invest $4 billion throughout the country to fast-track the building of 100,000 homes through innovative proposals, which cities and regions estimate will lead to the creation of over 450,000 permitted new homes, according to the federal government. Kingston estimates that these 900 homes will help spur the building of more than 4,800 new homes throughout the next decade, a press release from CMHC detailed. 

Through the fund, the federal government is looking to support municipalities that are committed to zoning amendments and rule changes to allow for higher-density builds. 

Kingston will add the funding to the $7.5 million budgeted for housing in the recently approved 2024 budget.

Owen Fullerton is a Kingston-based reporter with the Local Journalism Initiative (LJI)The LJI is funded by the Government of Canada.

4 thoughts on “Kingston to build nearly 900 houses in 3 years with federal funding

  • Following Finland’s sucess with decreasing homelessness, this is an opportunity to tackle homelessness, the addiction crisis and the mental health crisis here in Kingsto. The focus should be on building small homes that people can afford with green spaces for gardening and parks adjoining. .. with necessities within walking distance. Supports tailored to each resident’s needs should also be available.

  • Regrettably, this article is practically fact-free, except for superficialities. How will this federal money be spent? Will the City hire more people to review building plans to expedite the process? Build more services (water&sewers) to unserviced lots? Subsidize developers?

  • It will be of upmost importance that the new homes are built in areas that already have sufficient infrastructure and public transit
    in order to control our city’s carbon footprint in the future.

  • But is this housing going to be affordable to lower income residents? If not, what is the point?

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