Kingston Police identify source of mysterious blue tape markings

Reflective blue tape left on the address sign of a home in the north part of Kingston. Photo submitted.

Kingston Police have determined the source of a mysterious blue tape left on mailboxes and address signs in the north part of the city.

Residents of Burbrook Rd, Sydenham Rd, Unity Rd, Battersea Rd, Cole Hill Rd and around the Glenburnie area began to notice instances of the mysterious tape on the weekend of October 26 and 27, 2019.

Concerned that the reflective tape could be a method to “mark” homes for later break-ins, several residents went door-to-door to warn their neighbours and remove the tape.

Kingston Police now say that there was no nefarious purpose behind the blue tape marking and that the source of the markings was a free newspaper delivery person who was marking addresses who did not wish to receive the newspaper.

5 thoughts on “Kingston Police identify source of mysterious blue tape markings

  • My neighbors mentioned no one has come by offering a free newspaper or asked them to tag the mail post, we found same blue tape tonight on our way home.

    • The kingston this week is a Free newspaper, the carriers have a hard time seeing numbers if it gets dark so they mark the post of people who have previously requested not to get them anymore…..

  • Koodoo’s for neighbours having each others back , With today’s mindset of the young, too lazy to get a job, still living in their parent’s basement, wanna have a “badass” self-image, they would be stupid enough to think something so stupid would actually work.

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