Norman Rogers Airport Expansion

Norman Rogers, airport, expansion, Kingston, Ontario“When in doubt, make sympathetic clucking noises” read the staff instructions for Customer Service at a Trade Show I once worked.

In my opinion, a few airport officials may have been making sympathetic clucking noises to residents and the Collins Bay Marina in a recent Whig story about airport expansion.

  • “Traffic growth does not necessarily mean we’ll be impacting them more. It may be less.”
  • “With a 6,000-foot runway, they can go to the Caribbean and almost as far as Mexico City. Cancun is well within the range. That’s what the additional 1,000 feet can do,”
  • “The odd 737 is going to be important to our community, that’s why we’re doing this.”
  • “Officials said they took 737s out of the new noise studies because so few will ever come to Kingston. They would be more episodic events. For the 15 seconds the aircraft is overhead, you’ll hear it.”

I wrote to a retired senior airline pilot, this extract from his reply sums up just about everything the locals fear:

If the increase in runway length allows aircraft to reach new distant destinations that they couldn’t reach off the shorter runway, then those take offs will be at max. RTOW (runway length against t/o weight and temp.) and will be on full power and much noisier (especially on the B737 which is a much noisier a/c than say the Airbus).

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