Epic Meal Time Takes on Grant Hall

Epic Meal Time, Grant Hall meat, OntarioAbout a week ago I got an email from Harvey with a link to something epic, something disgustingly epic. The kind of thing that is revolting to watch and yet you can’t tear your eyes away: Fast Food Lasagna. No, it’s not a lasagna you buy at McDonald’s, it’s a monstrosity made from Big Macs, Teen Burgers, Baconators, onion rings, cheese and a whole lot more bacon. The total calorie count of this artery clogging creation was over 71,000 (no, I didn’t hit one too many zeros there…). The slightly intoxicated Epic Meal Time team who assembled this dish then chow down in the most disgusting way with close up shots of bacon and bacon and bacon.

The host (if you can call him that – he is the only one who really seems to talk..er, shout, grumble and curse) is Harley Morenstein and he is very serious about epic meals. The show began when a friend filmed him eating a Triple Baconator – a burger with 6 beef patties and 18 bacon strips – accompanied by the theme from The Terminator. The video gathered so many hits that the gang decided to create their first epic meal, Fast Food Pizza. I’ll leave it to you to find out what that was all about…

So where does Kingston come into all of this? Well, last night Harvey and I were guiltily surfing through some of their past episodes when we came across Meat Building 101, which originally aired two months ago. In this episode, the Epic Meal Time team makes a road trip to the Limestone City to help a group of Queen’s students create an edible, epic version of Grant Hall using bacon, steak, rice krispie squares, ham, 5 Guys fries, scrambled eggs…ugh, I can’t even describe it anymore.  You’ll have to just have a look for yourself…but you have been warned, it is both a disgusting and epic display.

Danielle Lennon

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