Murdoch Mysteries coming to Kingston

Murdoch Mysteries is coming to film an episode in Kingston.

On September 30th, in Springer Market Square, the Canadian television series starring Yannick Bisson and Hélène Joy will be filming two scenes for an upcoming episode.

The first 50 people to arrive at the “Fan Viewing Area” (which will be marked with a sign) will receive a wristband. This wristband will enable the wearer to take part in a photo meet-and-greet with Bisson and Joy after filming, which will wrap up at around 10:15-10:45 a.m.

Those unable to get a wristband can still stay and enjoy watching the filming and take part in a trivia game. Those who answer correctly could win one of ten Murdoch Mysteries swag bags.

Due to timing constraints, the organizers say that no more than 50 wristbands will be handed out, and will be distributed on a first-come, first served basis, so fans should be prepared to arrive early.

13 thoughts on “Murdoch Mysteries coming to Kingston

  • I am 86 yr old William T Murdoch whose daughter resides in Providence Care Hospital, a huge fan of Murdoch Mysteries. She is the Very Reverend Sharon Murdoch and who is stricken with Multiple System Atrophy that has rendered her quadrapoligic, speechless, tube fed but otherwise alert. I would love to get her a Murder Mysteries Swag Bag.

  • Too bad it’s on a Monday, I would have went but I need to work.

  • Its about time they made it here only saying Kingston a few time
    s in the show i knew they would.Welcome to our town,enjoy it while you can!

  • Hi there my mom is an 84 yr woman who is presently under going chemo therapy for terminal cancer at Kingston hospital. She has religiously followed Murdoch mysteries since the very beginning and we have rewatched the entire series since she has moved here to Kingston due to her cancer diagnosis. This show has been a lifesaver for all my family as it gives her such joy, peace and something to look forward to watching each evening,!! Thanks so much for making her days so enjoyable!!
    Since finding out about Murdoch coming to Kingston it is her and my goal to get to the filming my question is can I go and line up to be one of the first 50 persons and let her take my spot if I am?. She is not well enough to stand in a line up and wait but I would do anything for this amazingly women who is my mom!!! I need to arrange for someone to be with her and close by if I am do this so I would appreciate just a yes or no if possible. I know this a lot to ask but time is of the essence for making these arrangements for my mom!!
    Thank you in advanced for reading this request !!
    sincerely M.Simpson

  • Hi there,
    I tried to send a reply and I’m not sure I did it correctly??. I need to know if I can stand in the line up for the first 50 people for my 85yr old mom is presently undergoing treatment for terminal cancer. She has watched this show religiously from the beginning and it has been a God send for her since her diagnosis! We have rewatched the entire 14 season in the past 6 months and it gives her great peace, joy and something to look forward to each and every day!! seeing the cast and being apart of it would be a gift beyond measure and I want to make it happen for her!!
    She is my hero and there is nothing I won’t do to make her life happy and full of love and wonderful fun!! she is able to walk and enjoy what life has to offer and this is one of those things.
    She is determined to see this filming and I want to make that happen for this amazing lady who is my mom!! My question is can I stand in the line to be one of the first 50 people and if I get chosen have her come and take my place?? I just need a yes or no to this so I can make arrangements for someone to care for her and stay with her in my car close by while I’m in the line up. I need time to arrange for her care even if I go stand there for 4 am someone needs to be with her as I am her caregiver!! This maybe her only chance to see her heros and I’m going to make it happen I just need to make the arrangements and time is of the essence11 Thank you in advance for reading this request1

    • Unfortunately, we do not know what time filming will begin. It looks as though your best bet would be to get there early to wait in line.

  • This is great! Was in Kingston when race car driver Mario Andretti was there. Got a few signed autographs. Looking forward to this!

  • Can’t wait to watch the episodes & so happy that both Helene & William will be there. I did not like ep.#3 as Helene Joy was not in it. She always
    brightens the film.. She is an exceptional actress ..

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