Graffiti Trick or Treat

Graffiti Treat
As Spring has sprung, I’ve been spending more and more time outdoors, taking in all the sights and sounds of Kingston. One thing that recently caught my eye was the modest amount of graffiti, tags and urban art located in and around the downtown area. Although some would rightfully argue that this art form is illegal, incoherent and sometimes just plain ugly, it also has a few redeeming qualities. Specifically, graffiti can serve as a political vehicle for those looking to express their opinion, such as: Free Tibet, or Parks Not Parking Lots. What is more, extremely skilled artists have even been hired to spruce up buildings with their work, as is the case in the temporary garden space across the street from Atomica on Brock Street. Check out a selection of some of this (un)wanted valdalism in our new Flickr set. What do you think? Do you consider tags, graffiti etc… to be an essential part of Kingston’s urban landscape or not? Remember, each comment you make this month enters you into our draw for a great prize! Time is running out fast, so comment already.



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