Best of 2017: Gardiners Road Drive-In, November 1948

Drive-In, Gardiner's Road, Bath Road, Kingston, Ontario
Queen’s University Archives, George Lilley fonds V25.6-2

From one year to the next, Kingston continues to grow and change in small but significant ways.  From the addition of bike lanes to the eviction of the Marine Museum of the Great Lakes, each and every alteration gives and takes from the city.  While downtown Kingston often gets a lot of attention thanks to old and new ideas butting up on one another, other areas of the city are equally as active, especially when you take a long view in terms of how they’ve changed over time.  Case in point: the former drive-in at Gardiners and Bath, which is now the home of strip malls, fast food franchises and parking lots.  The most jarring portion of this birds-eye photo from 1948 are the seemingly endless farm fields to the north, which would go on to become Nortel land, big box stores and (coming soon) a sprawling suburb.  It all underscores just how quickly change, especially at the city’s boundaries, has occurred over the past century.

Read on and see why the Gardiners Road Drive-In from 1948 made our Best of 2017 list.

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