#ygkPlaylist: February 2017

The February edition of the #ygkPlaylist features a pair of prolific artists who are no strangers to regular listeners. David Parker (aka Slow Man Tofu) emerges with a new identity and sound as Snakes 4 President, while Amanda Sadler is wasting no time making hay in 2017 with her first hit. The trio of this month’s songs is completed by a fresh track from a musician who is far from a newbie on the scene, Jon Sullivan. The compilation further underscores the diversity of talented musicians tirelessly creating, and honing their craft. Hit play on the #ygkPlaylist for February and enjoy.

Snakes 4 President: The last year has been busy for David Parker: living in three different provinces in 12 months, getting accustomed to change. Snakes 4 President is his debut offering as he sheds one skin – Slow Man Tofu – and tries on that of a new animal.  This recent Kingstonian’s latest solo project consists of six tracks that mix electronic and digital signal processing into a darker kind of gloomy pop.  Find David/Slow Man Tofu/Snakes 4 President on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and BandCamp.

Amanda Sadler: With a fresh contemporary sound, Amanda released her debut EP The Light in August of 2015, which was recorded in Nashville.  The EP featured the infectiously catchy single titled “Nice Just Ain’t Your Colour,” which earned her a semi-finalist position in the International Songwriting Competition. This year continues to be an exciting one for Amanda, as her newest radio single “Drop The Needle Down,” is now climbing the charts and in rotation on Country radio stations.  Find Amanda on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Jon Sullivan: This Singer-songwriter is influenced by numerous genres, with his main inspiration coming from Folk, Indie Rock, Blues, and Punk.  Also known as Dan Hoffenmeier, little else is known about Jon, save for the fact that he is also a “ravioli king”, an aspiring Filmmaker, sometimes practices Kung Fu, and claims to have the best beard in the game.  At the very least, he can back up such a bold statements with an impressive karate chop filmed in slow-mo!  Find Jon/Dan on YouTube and Twitter.

Every month, we comb Soundcloud looking for sounds that are unique to Kingston. We are constantly seeking out active musicians to show off to the local community and beyond. If you’re a musician who wants to be included in a future #ygkPlaylist, the first step is to get your original music up on Soundcloud and then follow us. We promise to follow you back, listen to your work and consider it for the monthly #ygkPlaylist.

Thanks to Sean Hickman for the photo used in the background of of this month’s #ygkPlaylist.

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