#ygkChallenge: Spread Some Voluntary Cheer

volunteerWelcome to Kingstonist’s weekly challenge, dare, resolution or whatever you prefer to call it. Each week we establish a new and ambitious community goal, encouraging our readers, followers, friends and families to step out of their comfort zones and do something great, and hopefully a little out of the ordinary. Consider this your official and personal invitation to join us in completing a small but meaningful achievement. By taking part in this community-wide initiative, we hope to make Kingston a slightly better place to live, work and play. And of course, we also hope that you will feel proud of your contribution and achievement.

This week’s challenge encourages you to:

Volunteer this holiday season.  When my brother and I were teenagers, my parents began a new Christmas tradition of volunteering for a huge Christmas dinner for those in need in Hamilton.  Thousands of people lined up and came to receive a gift and a meal.  I am so grateful to my parents for giving us this experience of giving and I have enjoyed seeing it trickle down to my niece and nephew.  There’s nothing like the feeling of helping those less fortunate than ourselves, and while we should consider taking the time to volunteer year-round, there is a particular need during the holiday season.  Many organizations in Kingston are looking for a helping hand so give it some serious thought.  You can make a big difference in someone’s life by volunteering at a hospital, a local food bank, or a shelter. 

Sign up and commit to completing this week’s challenge by commenting below with an “I’m in“, “challenge accepted“, “en garde” or something along those lines. Further, help us spread the word via Twitter and Facebook by sharing the link and encouraging the participation of your friends and family. By joining together in our weekly challenge, we hope to accomplish big and positive things for our community.

Thanks to Valerie Reneé for the photo associated with this week’s #ygk challenge.

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