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Kingston City Council, Capitol Condos, ygk, Kingston, OntarioKingston City Council dismissed established height limits in favour of the Capitol project. Council is opening Kingston’s very own Pandora’s Box – Councillor Adam Candon in a possible Conflict of Interest position, dismissal of the Official Plan and Darryl Firsten’s dismissal of public protests as “frivolous” while brandishing his chequebook, to name a few.

But, the most sinister thing to emerge is the precedent. If the Capitol project is built, what next? Homestead has plans for two 20-plus storey towers at King and Queen, Jay Patry has high-rise designs on the Marine Museum site, there are rumours of another high-rise on the old Blockbuster site on Queen Street and so on…….Manhattan-on-the-Cataraqui?

Once Pandora opened the box, everything within it escaped and nothing could be put back.  Are we really certain we want it opened?


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