45 & Thrive: That’s what he S.A.I.D.

There is a foundational principle in fitness, exercise, and training which helps guide the optimal structure and goals of all exercise prescription. This is the SAID Principle; Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands. Very simply what this means is that the capacity of our body to move, do work, and execute

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45 & Thrive: Gym efficiencies, best practices (and a few no-noes)

If you’ve followed this column for a while, or taken a look at previous articles or blog posts on 45 & Thrive, you’ve probably noticed that I am a strong proponent of efficiency and effectiveness with respect to training and exercise. Minimum Effective Dose (MED), functional strength training, and recognition

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45 & Thrive: An ‘off’ day

  Today I had the most important session at the gym I have had in weeks. What made it that way? New Personal Records? No. New clients? No. Did I add an innovative new exercise or routine? No. None of these made today special.  What made today so noteworthy was

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