Strange odour in Kingston’s west end due to ‘equipment malfunctions’ at Canada Royal Milk plant

On Monday, Mar. 8, 2021, residents in Kingston’s west end – particularly in the Cataraqui Woods area – awoke to a strange smell that both worried and alarmed them. Described by area residents as “gag-inducing,” the smell was not something they’d experienced before, and prompted a number of residents to

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Utilities Kingston participating in project to track COVID-19 in wastewater

Utilities Kingston is taking part in a world-wide research project to help determine if the novel coronavirus can be found and transmitted through sewage and water. After early research suggested that COVID-19 might be transmitted through water and could help to determine a second-wave of cases, the Canadian Coalition on

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City seeks input on proposed Biosolids and Biogas Master Plan

As Utilities Kingston works to support the Kingston Climate Action Plan, both the City and Utilities Kingston are seeking public input on the Biosolids and Biogas Master Plan. The Master Plan is looking at ways to both enhance wastewater treatment plants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and capture and make

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