Vandervoorts selling off final items with an online auction

Vandervoorts General Store, a familiar downtown fixture for the past 70 years, has closed its doors for the last time. To clear out their physical location, Vandervoorts is auctioning off the last items remaining in their location. Most of the stock has already been depleted, and now Vandervoorts is hoping

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Barnum and Bailey’s “Greatest Show on Earth” Comes to Kingston, 1895

The circus is coming! Later in January Cirque de Soleil will be coming to Kingston which provides us with the opportunity to reflect on past visits from other travelling performers who have stopped in our fair city. This photo is of the Barnum and Bailey Circus arriving in Kingston: they

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Ikea, I hardly knew ya.

When I moved to Kingston  last spring, it was the first time I’d ever put down roots in a town without an Ikea.  I’ve since found plenty of people with whom to commiserate about this sad fact, but at the time, I was shocked and appalled. Where would I get

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