Local volunteers helping front-line healthcare workers find housing options

Kingston’s front-line healthcare workers are facing unprecedented stress during the current COVID-19 pandemic, but finding housing to protect their family as they self-isolate between shifts shouldn’t be an additional stressor. That’s precisely what Kingston Housing for Healthcare Workers is aiming to facilitate. Knowing that local healthcare providers will be working

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South Frontenac urging cottagers and recreational visitors to delay plans

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve locally, South Frontenac Township is encouraging cottagers and recreational visitors to delay their arrival to the area. This is being done “in an effort to keep our community safe and reduce the impact on regional healthcare centres and local supply chains,” the township

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Hall Monitor: Recreational Parking

Kingston City Council held meeting number 24-2019 (Agenda) on Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2019. One of their shortest meetings yet, most of the evening passed with minimal discussion, save for an item about changes to residential parking for recreational vehicles. KEY TOPICS With no delegations, briefings or presentations during the meeting,

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