Planting for pollinators this spring is easy and beneficial

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of planting pollinator friendly gardens. A pollinator is anything that carries pollen from the male part of the flower (anthers) to fertilize the female part of the flower (stigmas) and help it reproduce. In Canada, most pollinators are insects like

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Local farms team up to support local businesses with #ShopLocalSEO

Three local farms have come together to show support for fellow local and small businesses in southeastern Ontario. Mackinnon Bros. Brewing, Topsy Farms, and Enright Cattle Co. have started a campaign to spotlight businesses in southeastern Ontario: #ShopLocalSEO. For those unfamiliar with these local farms, Mackinnon Bros. is a craft

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Great Pyrenees: The canine Praetorian shepherds of Amherst Island

Last night the coyotes were once again ‘singing’ from the field behind our home in Bath. This frequent ‘concert’ is the new normal in our neighbourhood. Coyotes, or as some call the hybrid Eastern Coyote, the Coywolf (a genetic mix of wolf, coyote and domestic dog), view most of southern

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