Tipi Moza Indigenous supportive housing program approved by Kingston City Council

At their regular meeting on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, Kingston City Council unanimously approved the establishment of an Indigenous housing service centre at 113 Lower Union Street. The centre, which will house up to 19 individuals by late 2021 and provide the community with much-needed cultural support, will be operated

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Proposed Indigenous supportive housing program seeks Council approval

A report to Kingston City Council released today proposes the use of the City-owned building, 113 Lower Union Street, for an Indigenous Supportive Housing Program. If approved, the facility will house up to 19 homeless and precariously housed individuals beginning in late 2021. With Council’s approval, Tipi Moza (Iron Homes)

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Path Home Kingston hopes to combat homelessness and negative stigma

You can’t see what someone has overcome at a glance. That is the main message of Path Home Kingston, a new campaign by United Way KFL&A and the City of Kingston that aims to help community members understand that the causes of homelessness are complex and different for each individual.

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