Eco-Adventure Camp offering virtual summer camp experience

Eco- Adventure Camp, a camp run by the Queen’s University Biology Station, normally to sets off for Elbow Lake each morning from Queen’s University by school bus to make the almost 40 minute drive, and drop the kids off for a day filled of learning, canoeing, hiking and gaining an

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Showtime on the elementary school stage

  It’s that time of year again when, families will gather into school gyms, and sit on those plastic chairs that are pulled out from underneath a dark and dingy storage caddy, to watch the youngest of their family perform on stage. It’s elementary school play season. For the last

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An afternoon with Gerry Dee

The sold-out event of the final day of the Kingston Canadian Film Festival was the Gerry Dee event at the Grand Theatre on Sunday, Mar. 3, 2019. Commencing right at 3:00 p.m., Reid from 98.3 FLY FM introduced the event, which began with an episode of Gerry’s CBC show Mr.

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