Theodore TOO stops in Kingston as part of Great Lakes tour

Canada’s famous and beloved tugboat, Theodore TOO, announced on Jun. 9, 2021, that he would set sail from Halifax to his new home in the Port of Hamilton and would become an ambassador to the Great Lakes and the marine industry. The 65-foot life-sized reproduction of Canada’s beloved “Theodore Tugboat” has partnered with Swim Drink Fish and will take on

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Kingston joins citizen scientist initiative for lake water monitoring

A new, free app by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is providing E. coli test results for Kingston swimming locations. Swim Guide, a free app and website to help people find beaches, now includes water quality results from two Kingston locations: Olympic Harbour Beach and Hospital Beach. It’s part of a larger

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Breakwater Park receives Canadian Society of Landscape Architect’s 2019 Award of Excellence

It was one of the City’s most exciting grand opening in years, and a revitalization project that proved a huge success as thousands flocked to waterfront to enjoy the newly transformed park. And now, Breakwater Park has won a Canadian Society of Landscape Architect’s (CSLA) 2019 National Award of Excellence.

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