Building back better: Doubling down on Council’s Strategic Priorities

On Thursday evening this week, as we near the midpoint of the City Council term, councillors and the mayor will gather with City staff and an outside facilitator (on Zoom) to discuss where to go from here in what may feel like a brave new world vis-a-vis the pandemic. Rightly

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City Council seeking public opinion on current priorities

City Council is looking for the public’s opinions on the strategic priorities it set in 2019, according to a media released dated Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020. Their top question: Do the priorities still make sense in light of COVID-19? “Council developed an ambitious plan for this term based on key

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Hall Monitor: The cost of COVID

It was a busier than usual week for Kingston City Council, as they sat for four meetings this week. On May 19, 2020, Council held a meeting as the membership of Town Homes Kingston (agenda) first, followed by sitting as the shareholder of the Kingston & Frontenac Housing Corporation (agenda)

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