Kingston Police seek to identify grocery store ‘distraction theft’ suspects

Kingston Police have released the above photos and are requesting public assistance to identify the two men pictured, suspects in the theft of a purse from an elderly shopper at a grocery store located in the Kingston Centre. According to police, the two men used “distraction theft” techniques to carry

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Local wanted woman caught after police stop her for biking at night without a light

A patrol officer who stopped two cyclists ended up taking a wanted woman into custody – but not without a fight. At approximately 3:50 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 28, 2018, the officer stopped a woman and a man who were cycling on Joseph Street without lights. The male identified himself

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Police warn of parking lot ‘dropped money scam’

Kingston Police have released the above photos of a suspect who used a debit card obtained in a parking lot scam, which has recently been occurring in Kingston. Police have received multiple calls about the scam, which involved either a male and female or a lone male approaching a victim

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