Odessa garden supports Kingston’s vulnerable community

The stories we tell as we till the land are stories that we will carry with us always” A little patch of land in Odessa — transformed into Jalal Community Charity Garden — has touched the lives of so many people. The property owner, the organizers, the volunteers and the

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A moment of sarcastic joy: A professional gardener shares her biggest pet peeves

Originally, this article was supposed to come out to all of you a few weeks ago. I was going to write about starting seeds for your spring vegetable and flower gardens. It is amazing how on-point that article would have been. I never wrote that article and have not had

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Spring garden check-up

  Every spring, we patiently wait as the snow slowly melts, revealing the garden hidden below. As soon as we see small traces of green, we are eager to jump right in and let our green thumb try again for another year. Before you dig out your gloves and pruners,

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