Downtown Kingston is home to numerous dining establishments who devote their entire menus to one type of food or another. From gourmet burger bistros such as The Works and Harper’s, to delicious poutineries including Smoke’s and divine pizzerias such as Woodenheads and Atomica, there is no shortage of specialty restos

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The Works

Nearly one year ago, I wrote about an epic battle that was shaping up in downtown Kingston, whereby a handful of new burger and poutine joints had emerged to tantalize your taste buds.  While Harper’s, Smoke’s and Five Guys have succeeded thus far, casualties of the burger/poutine war include The

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Friday Foto

Please forgive my nostalgic tendencies, but from time to time I like to look back on Kingstonist’s humble beginnings, and recognize the vast improvements we’ve made over the past few years.  We’ve amassed a talented team of fairly regular contributors, and developed some fantastic, recurring series along the way.  From

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