Best Hot Chocolate in Kingston

It’s supposed to be that magical time of year when we bundle up, brave the cold, and venture outdoors for a leisurely skate, exhilarating toboggan ride, or brisk, wintry walk. While winter may be “letting us down”, the pursuit of fresh air, exercise and a rewarding treat at the end

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Kingston’s Favourite Café

Last week Kingstonians were given the sad news that one our favourite downtown establishments would be closing for good. The Sleepless Goat, a downtown ygk institution for over 20 years, was a worker’s co-operative, a huge supporter of the arts, and a welcoming, inclusive destination for those seeking fair-trade drinks,

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Best Coffee Shop in Kingston

I love coffee, and I love independent, locally owned coffee shops. Regular readers might be experiencing a tinge of déjà vu after digesting that statement, as I’ve written a few times about my disdain for Starbucks and their quiet attempt to saturate downtown Kingston with their overpriced, over-hyped brand. While

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