Planting for pollinators this spring is easy and beneficial

More and more people are becoming aware of the benefits of planting pollinator friendly gardens. A pollinator is anything that carries pollen from the male part of the flower (anthers) to fertilize the female part of the flower (stigmas) and help it reproduce. In Canada, most pollinators are insects like

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Grow your own food — at least a little bit

In our current environmental climate, we are all looking for areas where we can adjust our lives to lower our carbon footprint. In Canada, it is estimated that 28 per cent of the annual emissions are from transportation. A large part of the transportation industry is the movement food from

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Kingston Frontenac Public Library hosts first ever plant swap

  Do you have a green thumb? Are there an abundance of plants in your gardens? Did you collect too many seeds? Or maybe you have houseplants that need a new home. The Kingston Frontenac Public Library is holding their first ever Plant Swap. This event is being held on

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