Best of 2013: What it’s like to “dye” running at Fort Henry

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, not much changes from year to year at Fort Henry, and for good reason. But 2013 was markedly different as the Fort received a host of upgrades which re-imagined the national historic site, giving tourists and Kingstonians alike even more reason to make the

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Top Five Things to See and Do in Fall 2013

We’re now into the second week of Fall and have already witnessed a handful of significant seasonal events come and go.  Hard to miss extravaganzas such as Writersfest, Run or Dye, Chili Fest and one half of the reinstated Queen’s Homecoming are now part of the history books, but that

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What it’s like to “dye” running at Fort Henry

Clouds of pink, yellow, orange, and purple are lofted into the air as Top 40 dance songs are blared over a pulsing crowd. Smiling faces are speckled with neon streaks. All manner of silly dress – tutus, goggles, onesies, wedding dresses – are on full technicolour display. Such is the

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