Li-Cycle sees lithium ion batteries as a resource, not a waste

As the world moves toward rechargeable batteries in consumer electronics, industrial energy storage, and green vehicles, recycling and reclaiming the materials from these lithium ion batteries has become increasingly important. Li-Cycle has been developing technology to recycle rechargeable lithium ion batteries and separate the important components in order to sustainably

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Cold plasma sterilization supports more than the cannabis industry

In 2011, Florina Truica was faced with a difficult decision: Follow her employer to Georgia, or lose her job but continue to raise her family here in Kingston. Truica, born and raised in Romania, came to Kingston in 2008 after completing her PhD and post-doctoral studies at Ecole Polytechnique of

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Six questions with Mark Gerretsen of the Liberal Party of Canada

Mark Gerretsen is the current MP and Liberal Party of Canada candidate for Kingston and the Islands for the 2019 federal election. Born at Kingston General Hospital, Gerretsen has been “fortunate enough to live here” his entire life. Gerretsen attended his first Liberal convention when his father, John Gerretsen, ran

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