Kingston Transit launches two new electric buses

Kingston’s public transit riders can now ride one of two electric buses featuring a first-in-fleet touchless wheelchair securement system and “whisper-quiet” engines. “This is the future of transit, we’ve known that for a number of years. That’s part of Council’s commitment to begin the transition from traditional buses to electric,”

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City staff recommend spa again after environmental consultations

City staff are once again recommending the Unity Farm Inn & Spa go ahead, after three climate groups have vetted the development. “Each organization was able to conclude that the application’s proposed sustainability initiatives went above and beyond what the City’s current policy requires,” said an Information Report to City

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KCCU partners with the City to help charities and non-profits reduce greenhouse gases

Kingston Community Credit Union (KCCU) is supporting projects that reduce green house gas emissions by partnering with the City of Kingston through their Kingston Community Climate Action Fund. The Kingston Community Climate Action Fund is designed to help local registered charities and non-profit organizations realize climate action projects that reduce

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