Most Anticipated Events in April 2015 in Kingston

Even though small piles of dirty snow and ice continue to lurk in the shady corners of Kingston, many of us have already put the shovels away, taken snow tires off and stowed most of our winter gear until next year. April will soon be upon us, which means colourful

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Queen’s Suspends Fine Arts Admissions

In the latest edition of the Queen’s Alumni Review (page 56), Alfred Bader writes about the importance of the institution’s Art Conservation and History programs, recalling a time when the University did not have the renowned programs and facilities it enjoys in the 21st century.  Regarding the future of Queen’s

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Culture Days 2011

Last weekend Canada celebrated the second annual Culture Days, a three-day event filled with opportunities to see, hear and discover culture in and around your city.  Artists volunteer their time and creativity to share hands-on, interactive activities that invite the public to participate “behind the scenes,” to discover the world

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