The value of local representation

Vol. 1: To live or not to live in your district? “He doesn’t live in the district, you know?” That was a common refrain my opponents used against me in last fall’s municipal election, as I was told by a number of people as I went door-to-door. And it was

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Six questions with Barrington Walker of the New Democratic Party of Canada

Born in Scarborough, Ontario, Barrington Walker, the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP) candidate for Kingston and the Islands moved to the riding in 2002. Walker said he has been a supporter of the NDP since he could vote, and has been a card carrying member of the party since

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Six questions with Candice Christmas of the Green Party of Canada

Candice Marie Christmas (nee Krumreich) is the Federal Green Party Candidate for Kingston and The Islands. She grew up in Lachine, a suburb of Montreal, and prides herself on being fully bilingual. She met her now-husband in the Thousand Islands and moved to Kingston in 1990. Christmas has been a

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