Cybercriminals use synonyms to bypass security filters

Kingston Police have released details on yet another way cybercriminals are gaining access to your inbox: synonyms. “Most email clients have security filters that scan your incoming emails for keywords,” said Constable Ash Gutheinz, Media Relations Officer – C.O.R.E. Unit. “When certain keywords accompany other suspicious elements, the email will

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Kingston Police warn COVID-19 vaccine may be fresh phish bait for scammers

Recently, pharmaceutical company Pfizer announced that long-term trials of their COVID-19 vaccine have been highly successful. This exciting development is a huge step towards ending the pandemic, but experts say we are still far from a publicly available vaccine. Unfortunately, good news like this is often used by scammers to

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Kingston Police warn Twitter users of email phishing scam

A phishing scam, which allowed hackers to gain control of high-profile Twitter accounts this past summer, has provided cybercriminals with a new convincing email scam. The Twitter attack, which happened in July and gave hackers control of over one hundred high-profile accounts, had cybercriminals scamming Twitter followers out of money.

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