No one likes decluttering, despite what Marie Kondo says

Clutter is my nemesis. Having kids and a small home (but not a tiny home) means too much stuff — all the time. How do I deal with the clutter? I don’t. Sure, sometimes I’ll sort the pile of mail on my dining room table, or make the kids reorganize

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Travel tips for Kingstonian families

Living in Canada means sometimes you’d like to escape the cold winters and head somewhere warm for a few days. At least, that’s what it means for me! And living in Kingston allows for some interesting options when you’re booking your getaway. I am by no means a travel expert,

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Alight at Night – What you need to know before your first visit

Every year, Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg, Ont. transforms from a bustling heritage village to a glimmering wonderland of light. Upper Canada Village has been holding Alight at Night for 18 years. My family and I visited this outdoor lights festival for the first time this year. The amount of

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