SnapCab introduces new mobile medical exam room at KHSC COVID-19 Assessment Centre

A Kingston-based manufacturer has used its COVID-19 pivot to create SnapCab Care, a mobile medical exam room created in collaboration with medical experts. Located in Kingston Health Sciences Centre’s COVID-19 Assessment Centre, the exam room is an isolated pod connected to a semi-enclosed examination area that physicians can take advantage

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Greater Napanee Council asks Premier to better support nurses

Premier Doug Ford will be receiving a letter from Greater Napanee Council pleading for the province to better support nurses and other frontline staff. Councillor John McCormack wrote a letter to council asking for support in writing the Premier of Ontario to amend Bill 124 for better treatment of nurses.

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Kingston-based company Novari Health enables online doctor visits

Kingston-based company Novari Health has made it possible for Ontario-based patients who don’t have a primary care physician, or are unable to see their own physician, to “see” a family physician virtually for non-COVID-19 related health issues. “Access to primary care during the COVID-19 pandemic poses a problem for some

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