Open Letter To Minister Steve Clark re: Ranked Ballots (Bill 218)

The following open letter was penned by Kingston City Councillor Robert Kiley on the evening of Monday, Nov. 2, 2020 — the night before Kingston City Council will, once again, vote on the matter of ranked ballots. Dear Minister Clark; Thank you for your ongoing leadership and ever-listening ear. You

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The clarity and hope of COVID-19

It has been almost three months since I wrote a column for the local press. Between balancing my day job as a supply teacher and role as a city councillor; renovating then selling my financée’s house as we prepare for marriage; planning a wedding; and trying to keep up some

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The value of local representation

Vol. 1: To live or not to live in your district? “He doesn’t live in the district, you know?” That was a common refrain my opponents used against me in last fall’s municipal election, as I was told by a number of people as I went door-to-door. And it was

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