Silent act of community outreach puts purses filled with essentials in the hands of those in need

“I guess I knew there was a need for personal products for women, that people need them in the community, that people were struggling.” Rev. Susan McAllister An odd sight—14 summery, colourful purses hanging on a metal railing—might have caught your attention at the corner of Albert and Princess Streets

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Operation Warm Feet forecasts increased demand for 2021 campaign

For more than 20 years, Operation Warm Feet (OWF) has been working to supply winter footwear to children and youth who need it, and this year was no exception. The program, run by Kingston Community Health Centres (KCHC), has been providing children up to the age of 18 from low-income

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Tree of hope campaign coming close to toy target, falling short on others

The annual Tree of Hope campaign kicked off at the beginning of November, and with nearly two weeks left in the campaign, the agency has almost reached its toy target in record time. But the 100-year old holiday appeal, which provides toys, clothing, and more to almost 900 children every

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