Food Delivery in Kingston

In the age of instant gratification and automated everything, businesses that cater to making your life easier are popping up everywhere and flourishing. During a recent trip to Toronto, it was impossible to miss the numerous food delivery services that were popping in and out of Bloor St. restaurants of

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Kingston’s Top Headline From 2015

With less than two weeks remaining in 2015, the time has come to take a look back at the biggest headlines and most significant news stories that shaped Kingston this past year.  Early in 2015, Kingstonians celebrated the grand opening of the Tett Centre, they city’s vibrant arts hub that’s

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Hall Monitor: Quick Fare

Last night, city council, staff and the public gathered in City Hall for Kingston City Council meeting number 20-2013. The city has published the agenda and addeds online. While not our quickest adjournment, it certainly was the earliest in recent memory, letting out in a brisk 2 short hours. Council used the time efficiently

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