Kingston welcomes Theodore TOO with poignant-yet-celebratory ceremony

The arrival and mooring of Theodore TOO, the country’s most beloved tugboat, coincided with a number of momentous events for those in Kingston. Arriving on Monday, Jul. 12, 2021, the ‘Theodore Tugboat’ star docked in Kingston as part of a partnership with Swim Drink Fish, where the boat has taken

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Kingston joins citizen scientist initiative for lake water monitoring

A new, free app by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is providing E. coli test results for Kingston swimming locations. Swim Guide, a free app and website to help people find beaches, now includes water quality results from two Kingston locations: Olympic Harbour Beach and Hospital Beach. It’s part of a larger

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Breakwater Park receives Canadian Society of Landscape Architect’s 2019 Award of Excellence

It was one of the City’s most exciting grand opening in years, and a revitalization project that proved a huge success as thousands flocked to waterfront to enjoy the newly transformed park. And now, Breakwater Park has won a Canadian Society of Landscape Architect’s (CSLA) 2019 National Award of Excellence.

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