POLL: Kingston’s best ice cream

It seems that winter is (finally) behind us, and that means summer isn’t far away. And if summer is coming, so is ice cream (and gelato and frozen yogurt) season!   We took at a look last week at some of Kingston’s best options for dessert, but we decided to

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Best Milkshake in Kingston

Warm, sunny days are finally within reach, and that means that many of us will soon be enjoying frozen treats to help us stay extra chill. Aside from passé ice cream, popular gelato and predictable iced coffees, people are increasingly going old school and ordering milkshakes. Topped with whipped cream

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The State of… Downtown Sidestreets (Part 2 of 3)

Last week we revisited a topic that’s near and dear to the hearts of many Kingstonians: the ever-changing landscape of downtown Kingston, specifically lower Princess Street. In our original three part series that was published two years ago, we provided a snapshot of new, relocated and recently closed local businesses. 

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