Kingston Police warn of a recent email and phone based scam

The following is a message from Kingston Police, warning of a new scam using both email and a telephone call to trick the public into downloading malware onto their systems: Thank you for calling—here’s some malware. Kingston Police is aware of a recent social engineering scam that utilizes real people

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Kingston Police warn of two separate fraud schemes targeting local businesses

Local businesses in the area should be aware of two types of frauds targeting businesses, stores and agencies in Kingston and throughout Ontario, the Kingston Police Fraud Unit warns. The first fraud scheme involves a fraudulent Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) used to pay for merchandise. The targeted business receives a

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Kingston Police warn of new Gmail calendar phishing scam

If you use Google’s free calendar service to schedule business or personal events, keep an eye out for the fake notifications currently going around. According to Kingston Police, scammers are using unsolicited Google Calendar notifications in an attempt to trick users into clicking phishing links. The scammers can then steal

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