45 & Thrive: A new year, and time for a change

As readers who follow this column perhaps might recall from my article from back in September, I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions. In fact, in that article I argued the position that for many people, September 1st is a more practical and reasonable time of year to

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45 & Thrive: Food and Fitness – Synergy, Energy and Longevity.

  I love food; I love to eat. I enjoy exploring new culinary experiences and, within a few parameters, there is virtually nothing I won’t eat. I don’t feel deprived of any foods, but I do temper my consumption of some foods. So, in this era of dogmatic dieting, what

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Love in Limestone: There’s no promise in compromise

—- Dirty Deeds Entry Don’t be fooled by shoe size. Hand size. Thumb to pinky length. They’re all myths. Sometimes you can’t judge the package from the parcel. — I once dated a person whose value system and priorities were far different than mine. At the core, we were two

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