Kingston school fundraising for air purifiers instead of raising tuition

“There was no other funding available to us.” Laura Desousa A Kingston alternative school classified as non-profit and non-charity—thus disqualifying them from grants and funding—is seeking donations to help fund the purchase of air purifiers needed in the classroom. “With the pandemic, there’s been lots of unanticipated costs for the

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B’s Bike Bites: An innovative business model with a bit of nostalgia

There are times when it seems things happen for a reason – that all the factors in a project somehow come together perfectly at exactly the right time. B’s Bike Bites, a new mobile ice cream and beverage business here in Kingston, is one of those projects – but not

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Helping struggling readers at KFPL

Do you know a child who is struggling to read? Join Jan MacLean, a Structured Literacy/Dyslexia Specialist, at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library (KFPL), and learn some important steps for teaching young children to read. When I asked Jan to share more about her presentation, she had a lot to

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