New Queen’s students award $2,000 to Kingston Interval House

When we were offered the opportunity to join the team at Venture Club (Kingstonist’s official headquarters) in welcoming new Arts and Sciences students at Queen’s University to Kingston during their orientation, we couldn’t pass it up. After all, every year, thousands of new students arrive in this awesome city, bringing

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KSSC soccer season begins in mid-May

Anyone who calls soccer The Beautiful Game clearly never saw me play it. I played youth recreational soccer for a good 10 years. It took me seven years to score my first goal, and I was a forward. After that, of course, the taps were open, and I scored several

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Kingstonist visits … Kingston Sport and Social Club (confessions of a dodgeball addict)

I have played more KSSC dodgeball than anybody in Kingston. I have only missed one fall or winter dodgeball season since the league started in September 2005. That’s 26 seasons of dodgeball. And no, I’m not joining a support group. I love dodgeball! KSSC is the Kingston Sport and Social

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