Hall Monitor: Response Reservations

Kingston City Council held meeting 14-2020 (agenda) on Tuesday, Apr. 21, 2020, hosting its third meeting in its virtual format. While the agenda was light on staff reports, some key issues were discussed, including COVID-19 responses and an update from the KFL&A Public Health. Public Health Update The evening presented

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Hall Monitor: Transit Trees

On Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019, Kingston City Council sat for meeting number 2020-03 (agenda) and their last meeting of the 2019 calendar year. Council worked through a heavy agenda, approving a 1500-unit development for the former Davis Tannery, discussing transit options and exploring the idea of a downtown tourism, culinary

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Kingston Police mounted unit rides again

After discussion between senior staff and much public outcry, it would seem that Murney’s job with Kingston Police mounted unit is stable once again following the city’s 2020 budget conversations. The public first heard about the potential retirement of Murney a few weeks ago when the removal of the mounted

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