Organizers, Kingston Police address concerns about upcoming protest

Concerns have been mounting over the ‘Justice for George Floyd & All Police Racism Victims protest set to occur on Saturday, Jun. 6, 2020 in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. The primary concern many have voiced about the event is that the organizers invited Kingston Police to formally attend, and

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My mother, the YMCA West, and the way she raised us

If you have ever been crazy enough to get yourself out of bed on a cold, dark, dead morning in the middle of winter on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday and dragged yourself to the YMCA West on Progress in the heart of Kingston’s suburbia at 6 o’clock in the

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Seeing is Believing Tour: Breaking stigma one tour at a time

By Jemma Dooreleyers Whether it was a food drive in elementary school, a high school fashion show fundraiser, or a coin jar at the front of a local business, I can guarantee that you have you have been involved with raising money for the United Way, one way or another.

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