Straight: A bold and funny look at the ‘pretense of acceptance’

In a play that takes a deep look at sexual identity, acceptance, and loyalty, but only has three characters, how interesting can it be? In a word: very. The acclaimed off-Broadway hit Straight, written by Scott Elmegreen and Drew Fornarola and originally directed by Andy Sandberg of Saturday Night Live

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An afternoon with Gerry Dee

The sold-out event of the final day of the Kingston Canadian Film Festival was the Gerry Dee event at the Grand Theatre on Sunday, Mar. 3, 2019. Commencing right at 3:00 p.m., Reid from 98.3 FLY FM introduced the event, which began with an episode of Gerry’s CBC show Mr.

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Jeffrey the Movie Nerd’s guide to the 2019 Oscars

FADE IN INT. JEFFREY THE MOVIE NERD’S DINGY YET SWEET APARTMENT – MORNING An unshaven JEFFREY THE MOVIE NERD sits on his tattered chesterfield and examines his ELDERLY CAT snoring next to him. MOVIE NERD switches on the internet and scrolls through seemingly endless bookmarks of film industry news and

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