Province extending stay-at-home orders, tightening restrictions

The current emergency declaration and stay-at-home orders will be extend by two weeks, for a total of six weeks under the restrictions, which will now continue into May 2021. The announcement was made by Premier Doug Ford at a delayed press conference on Friday, Apr. 16, 2021. No press release

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Hall Monitor: Fore The Animals

Last night, city council, staff and the public gathered in City Hall for Kingston City Council meeting number 17-2013. The city has published the agenda and addeds online. By far, council’s two biggest items on the agenda were easy to spot from a mile away: The biggest, of course, being

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Best Golf Course in Kingston

I don’t know a whole lot about golf.  I’ve never played, and although I have many friends and family who do, it’s just never appealed to me.  So I thought I’d take on this week’s poll about golf courses because I want everyone to be able to find a way

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