City grows fresh produce for Loving Spoonful at Rodden Park greenhouse

Earlier this winter the City of Kingston announced the annual greenhouse experience would not be taking place as usual, due to the pandemic. The City says horticultural staff have used this time to explore unique ways the greenhouse could benefit the community. As part of a new initiative this year,

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Building back better: Doubling down on Council’s Strategic Priorities

On Thursday evening this week, as we near the midpoint of the City Council term, councillors and the mayor will gather with City staff and an outside facilitator (on Zoom) to discuss where to go from here in what may feel like a brave new world vis-a-vis the pandemic. Rightly

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A Strategic Look: Priority #5 – Foster Healthy Citizens and Vibrant Spaces

Beginning in early January and, through public consultation and a number of additional special meetings, Kingston City Council set out its five strategic priorities through 2022, which they affirmed and approved an implementation plan for at their meeting on Tuesday, May 21, 2019. Today, we’ll dive into and break down

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