Environmental concerns prompt Council to defer proposal for Kingston Inner Harbour

The most discussed and contentious item on the agenda for Kingston City Council, the federal proposal to “remediate environmental risks to the river environment and human health of Kingston’s Inner Harbour,” has been deferred. Ironically, the deferral was proposed for the exact same reasons the federal government stated were behind

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City invites input on proposed regulation of single-use items

In considering the regulation of retail single-use plastic bags and polystyrene containers, the City of Kingston is asking for input from local businesses and residents. In August of 2019, the Environment, Infrastructure and Transportation Policies Committee recommended that City Staff prepare for the possibility that federal or provincial policies and

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City seeks input on proposed Biosolids and Biogas Master Plan

As Utilities Kingston works to support the Kingston Climate Action Plan, both the City and Utilities Kingston are seeking public input on the Biosolids and Biogas Master Plan. The Master Plan is looking at ways to both enhance wastewater treatment plants to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and capture and make

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