Counsellor puts focus on Black mental health, empowerment through self care

When Nicole Franklin opened Live Free Counselling Services in Toronto in 2016, she had a specific vision for what she wanted to create. She’d completed her Masters of Social Work at Ryerson University, researching the experiences of young Black girls in Canadian society, and had worked with youth in Kingston

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Frontline workers look to City for funding amid high sexual violence case numbers

It’s been three years since Kingston Judge, Justice Allan Letourneau, delayed Chance MacDonald’s sentence so that he could finish his internship at DeLoitte. MacDonald, a former Queen’s University student, sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl at an initiation party for his hockey team. After his sentence was through, completing 88 days

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Warming and Counselling Centre opens in downtown Kingston

Anyone who has been outside over the past few days knows the cold weather is definitely here in Kingston. At the same time, a new Warming and Counselling Centre has opened in the city’s downtown core. Located at 235 Wellington Street, the centre is offering a place to warm up,

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