Tommy has left the building… well, for now, at least

Less than a month away from its eight year anniversary, Tommy’s restaurant on Princess Street has closed its doors to the public for the next two months. As a result of damage caused by the flooding that occurred in August of this year, the restaurant will have to undergo extensive

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Contractor addresses flooding of Princess Street businesses: ‘If something goes bad, I’ll own it.’

When a few storefronts on Princess Street began gushing water into the street on Saturday, Aug. 4, 2018, naturally, many assumed the issue was a broken water main. It was not. Since that date, we’ve learned that the flooding, which rose from the basements and through the main floors of

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Water main break not to blame for flooding of Princess Street businesses

The flooding of a handful of businesses on the north side of Princess Street was not caused by any issues with city water mains, according to Utilities Kingston. In fact, the issue had nothing to do with the City of Kingston or Utilities Kingston whatsoever, Utilities Kingston president and CEO

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